What should I do before my St. Tropez airbrush spray tan?


  • A ton of exfoliating is not going to do you any favours. It’s actually important that you haven’t sloughed away all your dead skin as this is what DHA, the tanning agent, clings onto to darken the skin.
  • Do a gentle exfoliation, at least 12-hours before your airbrush spray tan application and then leave the skin bare and free from any form of body lotion, moisturizer and oil.
Makeup Free
  • Makeup wipes are available to remove any makeup or deodorant pre-tan.

How long before my St. Tropez airbrush spray tan should I have hair removal?

Hair removal is also a vital thing to time effectively. Waxing and shaving both strip the skin and leave pores open. Bronzing colour from the spray solution can therefore sit in the pores and look noticeable, so shave a good 24 hours before tanning. When it comes to waxing, do it even more in advance as the wax can leave a barrier on the skin that blocks the tan from penetrating evenly.

What should I wear to/after my St.Tropez airbrush spray tan?

  • On the day of your St. Tropez airbrush spray tan wear something loose and flowing. The solution easily washes out of clothing, however dark coloured clothing is best.
  • Go braless if possible, so that while your tan is developing the straps don’t get warm and rub against the skin and cause patchiness.
  • Slip on sandals are ideal but if you are wearing shoes your Go Sunless technicians can sprinkle a little drying powder over your feet if you’re putting socks back on.

What should I expect during my St. Tropez tan experience?

Choosing the right St. Tropez colour

  • Your Go Sunless technician will greet you and discuss with you what kind of results you're hoping to achieve (a sun-kissed glow, a deep dark tan, etc.) they will also assess your skin type and recommend the best St. Tropez solution for you.
Barrier Cream
  • For the most natural result, your Go Sunless professional will spot-apply a thin layer of St. Tropez Moisturizer as a barrier to stop the tan from grabbing too much–and therefore developing too dark–on areas like the hands, elbows, knees and feet. The skin is prone to being drier and more delicate in these areas, and can pick up the colour more readily.
Clean up
  • At the end of your airbrush spray tan, your Go Sunless professional will remove the tan from your fingernails, toenails, and the palms of your hands using a cleansing cloth or similar. This will prevent stained nails, or coloured palms.
  • Once tanned, your Go Sunless professional will dry you with warm air. They will concentrate behind the knees and under the arms. They may apply drying power under the arms and in the joints of the inner arms to help prevent perspiration effecting the tan in its first crucial hours of activation.

What do I wear during my St. Tropez airbrush spray tan?

That is entirely up to you! You will be in a judgement-free enviroment and you are being sprayed by a professional who wants to ensure you completely comfortable. Many people prefer to tan naked, to avoid any tan lines. Others choose to wear their underwear, bathing suit, nipple covers, etc. Many Go Sunless professionals offer disposible underwear. Please note that male clients must wear thongs, briefs or boxers.

How many days before an event should I book my appointment?

For best results we recomment booking your Go Sunless Tan 1-3 days (max) before your tropical vacation or special event. It is recommended for brides to book a trial tan first, for example for a bachelorette or engagement photos, before the big day!

What should I do for Aftercare?

  • Your tan will begin developing immediately.
  • Do not shower, bathe or exercise for a minimum of 4 hours after your treatment. The ideal development time is 8 hours. You may leave the guide colour on overnight and wash in the morning.
  • If you choose the St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mist, shower off as follows to control your depth of tan:
    • 1 hour - light sunkissed glow
    • 2 hours - medium tan
    • 3 hours - deep, dark bronze
  • Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can cause your tan to fade faster.

Are St. Tropez Products and Solution Organic?

Short answer; No. Long answer; The main active self-tanning ingredient used is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). St. Tropez uses a l00% natural form of DHA which is derived solely from vegetable sources. Combined with a unique blend of skin conditioning ingredients St. Tropez products offer natural looking, long lasting tans.
The skin browning effect happens when DHA reacts chemically with the amino acids, proteins and peptides found in the upper epidermis (top layer of the skin). The DHA in St. Tropez is Ecocert approved. Ecocertis an organic certification organization based in France, and one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world. DHA is not certified as organic by Ecocert. Marketing materials stating this are false. It is possible to create a finished sunless tanning products certified as Natural and Organic by Ecocert provided all Ecocert’s standards are met, but never 100% Organic.

Are St. Tropez Products and Solutions Vegan?

All St. Tropez Spray Tan solutions are Vegan Friendly. All St. Tropez products carried by Go Sunless are vegan friendly with the exception of: St. Tropez In Shower Lotion - Fragrance (process cannot guarentee vegan friendly) Pre-Shower Mousse - Fragrance (process cannot guarentee vegan friendly) Luminous Veil Sculpt & Glow - Xanthan Gum (uses egg enzymes in manufacturing) Body Moisturizer - Fragrance (process cannot guarentee vegan friendly) Tan Remover Mousse - Pro-biotic yogurt extract


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